Nonviolent Communication ~ NVC

Marshall Rosenberg-Founder of Non-Violent Communication

Dr. Marshall B. Rosenberg - Founder of NVC

It’s a gift when you reveal yourself nakedly and honestly, at any given moment, for no other purpose than to reveal what’s alive in you.   

To me, that giving is a manifestation of love.  

It’s a gift when we try to hear what is alive in the other person and what that person would like.   

So, Nonviolent Communication is just a manifestation of what I understand love to be.   

Nonviolent Communication helps me stay connected with that beautiful Divine Energy within myself and to connect with it in others. It’s the closest thing to 'love' I’ve ever experienced."                                               

~ Dr. Marshall B. Rosenberg 

Core NVC Values

Nonviolence is more than "not being physically violent.” Nonviolence represents a way of being with a quality of presence that is rooted in the commitment to honor the integrity of another human being (and our own).

NVC is a way of living — how we relate to others and ourselves. It is a way of communicating that supports connection with and compassion for ourselves and others. Out of this connection, everyone's needs are valued and we regain our natural joy in giving.

Learning NVC is Learning to


• Build relationships based on compassion, connection and choice

• Accurately understand other people's feelings and needs

• Be assertive and open at the same time

• Break patterns of thinking that lead to anger and depression

• Dissolve the fear of rejection

• Cope with demands without giving in or becoming defensive

• Encourage the reconnecting process of repair when ruptures in relationships happen

As a practice, Nonviolent Communication:

• Facilitates the flow of communication needed to guide the conversation toward synergistic solutions including mediation

• Focuses on shared human values and needs

• Transforms potential conflicts into peaceful dialogues

• Encourages the use of language that increases good will, and compassion for ourselves and others

• Empowers to know where to go from “NO”

• Provides an alternative to language that contributes to fear, guilt and shame, and therefore resentment or lowered self-esteem​

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